Bracelet - Choker - Belt

15,00 лв.
  • Cat No: KJ-BrChBeM21

Bracelet - Choker - Belt made from of genuine leather and metal elements from steel.

  • Adjustable size
  • Change of form and function
  • The product may be used either for an hand or a leg
  • Dismountable and transforming into various accessories by adding / removing extensions


  • Belt
  • Choker
  • Double Bracelet
  • Bracelet for a hand or a leg

According to the number of elements, the product can be used in different ways:

  • 1 element - Bracelet
  • 2 elements - Double Bracelet, Choker
  • 4 elements or more - Belt

The product can be combined with other elements such as:

Size of the product:

  • Lenght Small: 20 sm.
  • Diameter Small: 16 / 18 sm.
  • Lenght Big: 23 sm.
  • Diameter Big: 19 / 21 sm.

*The price is for 2 ( two ) elements.


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