Product Warranty

The warranty of KrepeJ products is for a period of 90 days from their delivery and valid under the following conditions: 

  • Transport damage of the product
  • Disassembly of the product, without any visible trances of deliberate damage 
  • Deformation of the materials of which the product is made

The warranty covers only production defects.

The warranty of KrepeJ products is NOT valid under the following conditions:

  • Deliberate disassembly or breakage of the product
  • Loss of an element of the product
  • Visible traces of damage of the product

All products must be used in accordance with their purpose and carefully!


Genuine leather products must not be wetted every day and must be protected from abstergents and other material dangerous for the products, which could cause change of the colour and robustness of the genuine leather.


Plastic, rubber or silicone products may be used in a damp or wet environment.


Metal products must not be exposed to high temperatures as they could be overheated.


If you have any questions regarding the use of our jewels, you may contact us at our e-mail address or facebook for additional instructions, videos and clarifications.