Payment Method

The payment methods that we offer include:

  • On delivery ( cash payment to the courier )
  • Online by credit / debit card
  • ePay
  • EasyPay
  • PayPal
  • By wire transfer

On delivery ( cash payment to the courier )


This payment tis of the full value ( stated in the e-mail about the completed order ) and made in BGN directly to the courier upon receipt of the consignment.


Payment online by credit / debit card


Payment online is made by a personal credit / debit card or a card of your company, in safe conditions.  We accept credit and debit cards issued by VISA ( Classic and Electron ) and MASTERCARD ( including Maestro, is they have a CVV2/CVC2 code ).


KrepeJ uses as its card operator ( to guarantee the safety of transactions ).


To perform the transaction correctly, through, you must provide the credit / debit card code ( all figures from the 4 groups on the face of the card, without any spaces ), the expiry date and the last three figures printed on the back your card bearing your signature ( depending on the card, there may not be any ).


Regardless of the currency that you have on your account, the transactions are made in BGN according to the current exchange rate determined by your bank.


When paying through, the processing of you card data is made only and solely by the servers of KrepeJ does not process or store any of the details of your credit or debit card.




To pay through ePay, you must be registered on the website and follow the indicated steps for payment.




To pay through EasyPay, you must go on the website and follow the indicated steps for payment.




To pay through PayPal, you must be registered on the website and follow the indicated steps for payment.


Payment by wire transfer


To pay by wire transfer, you must make the transfer into the following bank account:






In the reason for payment you must specify the product number of the article selected.


We advise you to make an inquiry in your bank about any additional fees that may be charged in online payments or payments by wire transfer for products offered by KrepeJ. Please note that some banks charge fees, commissions or other additional encumbrances in relation to the transactions themselves and in case of currency exchange. All such additional changes shall be at your expense. KrepeJ does not and shall not pay or refund any such charges as a result of payment of the price of any of its products.