About Us

About Us

KrepeJ is a brand of conceptual jewelery made of construction and fastener materials.  In its production, we use combinations of innovative and high-quality materials such as:  genuine leather, plastic, rubber, metal, etc.


The brand began in 2012. The idea of using construction and fastener materials in jewels and accessories was innovative and odd for the global market and for this reason the brand very quickly established its position there.


KrepeJ is a brand created and produced entirely in Bulgaria by artist Dia Nikolova, who received her secondary and higher education in the best educational institutions for design in Bulgaria.


After 15 years in the field of interior and product design, the fasteners that she saw daily inspired her to create KrepeJ - a bridge between the male and female world provoking everyday human thought, where the jewel is not only an accessory but a major element of the personality wearing it.


The products of KrepeJ are designed with the idea of performing more than one function or having more than one vision.  We believe that this is the future of design.


The logo and packing of the jewels are the finishing elements in the concept of the brand.

        The KrepeJ logo comes from a Bulgarian word meaning fastener (КрепеЖ).

                 The packing is metal paint box branded with a KrepeJ label.


We have implemented projects and the possibility for preparing customized labels with an inscription of the customer's name or a message to them.


All KrepeJ products are made entirely by hand with patience and attention to every detail.


KrepeJ takes part in a number of ART projects, photo sessions, music clips, fashion shows, etc.


We are available for conversation and work on individual projects.  If you are interested in collaboration, you may contact us using the KrepeJ contact form.


If you have any questions regarding the use of our jewels, you may contact us at our e-mail address here or through our facebookinstagram page for additional instructions, videos and clarifications.


About KrepeJ materials


Only high-quality genuine leather is used in the production: calf, kid, sheep and buffalo. KrepeJ does not use exotic leathers and those resembling them have been created artificially, with prints.  All elements are cut out manually. They are edged using a special material that impregnates the leather. The adhesives applied are elastic and specially created for the bonding of leather.


The hooks and pins used in earrings are made of stainless steel or silicone.


All metal elements in the KrepeJ product rangehave been made of stainless steel or metals painted by electrostatic powder coating.


The rubber used in making the products is odourless and highly resistant to temperature changes.


All materials used in the KrepeJ products   have passed tests for robustness and endurance.


Thank you, let KrepeJ be part of you!